Document Manager

Document Manager

Most companies need to provide a multitude of:

  • Proofs
  • Files
  • Documents
  • Images
  • Invoices
  • And More!

webFEAT Complete has created a file managment tool that will allow you to upload all of these types of files (and more) directly to your website visitor, employees, or customers.

When combined with a "User Manager", your employees and customers can login and view ONLY the documents that you have assigned specifically for them OR you can upload documents that can be viewed by all users!

When combined with a category manager the file/proofing manager becomes a tool that gives you complete control of your companies documents. You can upload a file, assign it to a specific user AND assign it to a specific category. Save time and money by allowing customers and employees to access files without delay!

Take the file manager to the next step and allow your USERS to upload files BACK to you. This is a great tool for companies that need to provide artwork and proofs for their customers

For more information about this great website feature, contact webFEAT Complete today.