Product Manager

Product Manager

Product Manager is a tool that is critical to many companies, especially those involved in ecommerce. This utility enables your company to introduce a new product, remove a product that is no longer available, alter prices, change descriptions, etc.

No customer enjoys online shopping on a website that offers great products at a low price, only to find out upon checkout that the product is sold out. Updating and maintaining an accurate products page is an aspect of the website that cannot be ignored. With the webFEAT Complete Product Manager tool, the website administrator is enabled to log into the site and make the necessary changes. Having the ability to update information quickly and without assistance will ensure a better overall relationship your company will have with its customers through enjoyable transactions.

Product Manager features include:

  • Uploading new products
  • Removing discontinued products
  • Implementing sale prices
  • Increasing, decreasing, or altering product descriptions
  • Information on backordered products

Any website that is selling a product needs to treat that website just like an actual store. Maintaining this information increases the ease of transactions and offers an inviting appeal to return in the future.