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Benefits of Blogging for Your Business

Nov 16

Benefits of Blogging for Your Business

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Do you want to increase the visibility of your website? Of course you do! One of the best ways to do this is to create a blog for your site, and if you already have a blog on your website, it would be wise to make a serious effort to maintain that blog. The benefits of a blog are countless, but very important for your websites visibility on the web. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons blogging for your business should be a main focus for search engine optimization.

Boost Your Search Engine Rankings By Creating Fresh Content

Blogs are the optimal way to bring fresh, new content to your website without crowding your pages with content that may deter potential customers. Google’s search engine spiders crawl the web looking for new content to feed on and a blog provides this food. If you think about the pages on your website, they probably aren’t getting updated very often. Honestly, how often do you need to update your “About” page? By updating the blog on a regular basis, there is new content for the search engines to scour. Not only is this content new and fresh, but it provides you the opportunity to plug your keywords and help raise your SEO.

Quickly Construct Inbound Links

Maybe one of the most crucial benefit of blogging is the ability to build inbound links quickly. By creating content that people want to read, and then share, provides deep links that don’t just point to the main page of your site. As people link to your posts, your links are dispersed over the web which helps your website’s indexing power. One of the main factors of search engine indexing is inbound links.

Establish Authority

The best posts are something that answer a customer’s common questions, or make mention of a service you provide. If you are routinely creating content that’s helpful to your target market, they will see you as an industry authority. These can even be used to send to customers that may be confused about your product or service. This may not be as measurable as other reasons to blog, but it is definitely just as important.

Blogs Get Indexed Faster

Google’s crawl bots have schedules on how often they crawl your website’s’ pages. Sometimes though, these crawls can take weeks, and even months to happen meaning those changes you made to your site about Spring, might not happen until the middle of Summer. However, blogs are different because since you are (should be) updating your blog frequently the bots think “we need to crawl this more because it is being updated on a regular basis!” Some blogs can be indexed in as little as 30 seconds!

Generate Leads

Yes, it is possible to generate leads from your business blog. Studies show that businesses that regularly update their blog can see up to 4x as many leads than a company that doesn’t blog. When people come to your blog they want to find answers. Giving them these answers will insert your website into their mind when they are ready to buy.

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