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Why Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing

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Jul 27

Why Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing

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It’s safe to say that you’ve probably noticed the rapid emergence of social media in today’s Internet centric society. Everyone and their grandma (seriously) have some sort of social media presence. It’s become a focal point in our day-to-day lives and even if you try, an impossible thing to escape. And this is no different for businesses. It’s come to the point, especially for newer generations, if your business isn’t on social media in some capacity you’re not even in existence at all in their eyes. That where Social Media Marketing comes in.

But, why would a business need social media?

You may still be thinking “but why would a business need social media marketing?” This question finds its roots from the early days of social networking. It used to be an outlet where you could keep tabs on your friends and family and share personal photos and updates about what is going on in your own life. This isn’t the case anymore as the social media landscape has morphed and evolved into a central hub for more than 81% of the United States population. Let’s take a deeper look into why your business would need social media.

  • Your customers are online – As just mentioned, with a massive percentage of the population already in some way using a form of social media it’s simply a smart business decision to find the audience.
  • They’re interacting with friends, colleagues & brands – This audience is constantly interacting with things that they enjoy and/or need. It could be that they are looking for:
    • Information
    • Recommendations
    • Entertainment
  • If your company isn’t around to answer these needs a competitor will – Possibly the most important reason is that your competition is using social media and if someone is looking for a product/service and can’t find you they’ll turn to a competitor.


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Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Hopefully by now we’ve convinced you to entertain the idea that you most definitely need to utilize social media for your business. We’ve answered the why of the question but what about how it can benefit you.

Cost Effective

In its purest form social media is completely free for a business to use. Sure, you can pay for ads but if done correctly, organic growth on social media is the most effective ROI on the Internet, and probably the most cost-effective business marketing tool around in ANY form.

As your following on social media grows so will the organic (free) reach of your message. Word of mouth is a powerful form of marketing because people are more likely to trust the word of someone they know than that of a random ad. So as people start to engage with you on social media it is telling their friends and family who are also on social media that you are a business that can be trusted. As this snowball builds and builds your reach gets larger and larger and starts to reach even more potential customers.

SEO Benefits

We’ve written a ton on the benefits of SEO which you can find here if you are interested in learning even more of another cost-effective method to gain customers. Search Engine Optimization is another whole beast in and of itself but social media is one way to compliment your SEO efforts. It is a perfect medium to broadcast your business’s thoughts and opinions directly to the right audiences. You can showcase your content to individuals that are actually interested in it instead of throwing your information out to the world and hoping your ideal customer finds it. From there, these “free influencer’s” as we like to call them, can promote you by sharing this across their social channels. As all of these shares and linked content gets spread across the Internet your website gains backlinks which Google loves.

Effective customer service

Customer service may be one of the biggest reasons a customer will continue to use your product/service or decide to head elsewhere. Which is why you want to make sure you are covering all basis. Social media provides an extra dimension of customer service for your customers. 87% of social media users expect to hear back from a business or brand within one hour on social media. Otherwise, they become turned off to that business.

Aside from the urgent customer service requests social media marketing puts a face behind the company. People like to feel like there is a real person behind the business that is listening to their concerns. And because your responses back to questions/praise/criticism is seen by everyone, you portray that your business cares about customer service.

Show you are an expert within your field

Another great reason your business needs social media marketing is to show to potential and current customers that your business is equipped to provide sustainable service in your target market. It lets you show off your expertise and knowledge of your industry. You can convey that you are an expert in your field. Because people trust a company that shows that they know what they are talking about, they are much more likely to engage with your company instead of others. Drop some knowledge bombs on your social media and it will help build a loyal following.

“Ok, I get it. My business DEFINITELY needs to implement social media marketing into our strategy — but which channels should we be using?”

Great question! And you’ll be happy to hear that your business most likely doesn’t NEED to be active in every single social network. In fact, we’ve already written about this topic in depth with our “How to Manage Your Business Social Media Accounts Efficiently” blog post where you’ll find tons of information on not only which social networks your business should be using but how to effectively use them, along with some helpful tools. Of course, if you still need some advice or help dominating your business’s social media marketing efforts we’re always here to help. You can drop us a line here or talk to a live human by giving us a holler by phone. Until next time, happy marketing everyone!

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