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Jan 15

Our Top 5 Blog Posts in 2017

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In 2017 the SEO and Social Media department had a goal. That goal was to provide our digital community, and also prospective clients, with content that could help them answer a question or solve a problem. These 5 posts did the best job of that, and saw a good amount of activity. We hope this recap posts ends up in the hands of more folks that could use it, and we look to build on our 2017 goal, in 2018. Thank you everyone who read!


UX Writing and Effective Website Content

If you’re developing new content, or recreating existing content, it needs to be great. In order to do that, it should do the following 5 things:

  • Reflect your company/brand values
  • Describe the intent of a page or post
  • Provide resources and helpful information to your target audience
  • Offer a unique point of view
  • Communicate to your target audience with a purpose

In this post Hanna elaborates on those 5 items, and can help you create content that will build credibility, and strike a chord with the folks you’re writing to.


AMP Errors Solved: User Authored JS-Invalid HTML Tag Use

An oldie, but goodie, this AMP post solves a couple of critical errors that appear in Google’s Search Console. User Authored-JS, Invalid HTML tag use, setup in WordPress and other AMP information is detailed. The information here was detailed as Ray walked through fixing the issues, so you may be dealing with the exact same problems, and this post would provide a solution.

Ray will be updating this post soon with other critical errors, and potentially some non-critical errors as well.


How To Manage Your Business Social Media Accounts Efficiently

Social Media has grown significantly over the past few years. From a business standpoint, it can be difficult to decide on which ones to utilize, and how to manage them efficiently. Justin details all of this and then some with this blog post. From platforms to help you manage more than one social media account at a time, to details regarding each social media outlet, this post can be really helpful if you’re looking to become more active and consistent on social media.


Why Your Website Isn’t Showing Up On Google

“Why is my website not appearing in Google”—We hear this question all the time. Sometimes websites aren’t appearing for searches relevant to their business, and sometimes not even for their brand name. The good news is that we know how to identify why this is happening, and how to fix it. We run through a lot of that information in this post, but are always here to help if you don’t have the time.


The 10 Best Free Stock Photo Sources (Updated)

This post has been a hit for the last couple of years, and Justin brought it back to life this year with an update. There are a lot of free stock photo sites out there, but a lot of them provide low-quality, irrelevant images. This post can be a great resource for high-quality, free stock photos you can use. In writing the post, we networked and learned of additional companies that we were previously unfamiliar with. Next time you need some free stock photos, check out this post!


If you have a digital problem that you need solved, we’d love to hear about it in the comments. We’re happy to collaborate and develop a post that can be helpful to our digital community and businesses across the US. If you’d like to discuss your specific situation with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Ray is the CMO at webFEAT Complete, and has been managing SEO & Google Ads accounts for 7+ years. He's passionate about growing business exposure, leads, and revenue through websites, and helping businesses grow. When out of the office he's probably traveling, snowboarding, hiking, or eating.

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