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Google Analytics And Why You Need To Be Utilizing It

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Jan 28

Google Analytics And Why You Need To Be Utilizing It

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Let’s first get the general premise of what Google Analytics is out of the way. To boil it down simply you could describe Google Analytics as a tool that is used to track information about visitors to your website and how they interact with elements of your website. It is especially useful during an SEO campaign because it will be able to show you how users are getting to your website and what they are doing while on the site. It also tracks keywords so you will be able to know which ones you should be focusing on and which ones you should maybe abandon.

So, why should you be using Google Analytics?

First and foremost, because it’s free. You’ve got nothing to lose here. It offers just as much, if not more functionality, than other analytics tools out there that may cost you much more money you don’t necessarily need to be spending. And because it is constantly being updated and developed by Google you can rest assured your website will always be covered with a top-of-the-line analytics tool.

You are also able to figure out how visitors are getting to your website. This is helpful because Google Analytics makes it easy to find which keywords users are typing into search engines to find your website. This is important because it lets you track which keywords are working and which aren’t as your SEO campaign goes on. It also lets you see how many visitors are coming to your website from social media. This is helpful because you are able to see if your social media efforts are paying off, or if you should change them up a bit.

Google Analytics also tracks unique visitor information. For example you can fine-tune page visitors by things such as new users, returning users, geographical information, and even by referral sources. You can also track how long a visitor stays on your website. If you have a high bounce rate Google Analytics will let you know. This is all very helpful information to see if your website is attracting new unique visitors and where they are coming from.

Google Analytics is an amazing tool for search engine optimization because it gives you in depth insights of the behaviors of people coming to your website. Because it is highlighting user behaviors it lets you optimize your website to better attract users to your website and improve your conversions. At webFEAT Complete we use Google Analytics for every single website we do SEO work on. This gives us and you an advantage over other sites that aren’t familiar with how visitors are using their website.

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