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Organic SEO is the natural optimization of your website for search. So you ask, what's "natural" about anything having to do with SEO? We feel your pain! Let us take control of your site's organic optimization and make the process painless.

Our organic SEO management program includes:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Analysis-Research (with search volume focus)
  • Unlimited design and content changes
  • Google Analytics integration and interpretation
  • Directory submissions
  • Backlink submissions
  • W3C validation and corrections
  • Keyword Density Assessments
  • Content analysis-recommendations-improvements
  • Much more...

What does Organic SEO do?

Organic Search Engine Optimization integrates tactics that help get your website above competitors in search results. For example, say someone is searching for Organic SEO in Cincinnati. When the results appear, there are PPC (paid) ads on top, and to the right. What lies below are organic search results. Certainly any company in the digital industry would like to have this client come to their website, and hopefully convert that lead. To do this, companies can pay for those ads at the top or to the right to better their chances of getting the potential customer, and/or they can rely on Organic SEO for the top organic results. Both will bring your business credible leads, and when paired they offer the strongest chance of getting a click.

Why do I need my website to be optimized?

It is proven that people favor the results on the first page, especially towards the top, as opposed to results on the second page and beyond. Think about it. If you're in a competitive industry and some businesses are making an effort to get their pages to the top while you're not, they are taking potential customers from you every day. Not to mention, you could be missing out on a whole new potential client base coming from the internet. Organic SEO can help you to seize the opportunity of growth through online presence.

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