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We call Pay Per Click advertising, "legalized bribery." Pay per click means that if you want to rank for a particular keyword or phrase, and your site's content doesn't currently place you on page one, if you pay Google for the ranking on that phrase, you can be on page one-and at the TOP of page one. Of course, we still want to continue to work on organic Organic SEO to put you on page one "naturally" but that's a different story.

It sounds simple, but there are many things you can do in the management of a Pay Per Click account to ensure you're ranking in the best position, at the lowest possible cost. There are extensions that create additional ways for users to get to your website and separate your ads from the others, and you can track conversions with ease. Doing PPC alone is helpful, but when it's paired with SEO, your website becomes a force to be reckoned with in your respective industry.


In PPC accounts, landing pages for each page must be selected. Say you own a bike shop and you have an ad for tires. One thing that assists in lowering your cost and raising your rank is the relevancy of the landing page, the content on it, and some other factors. If you have and ad for tires and link to an accessories page, your ad won't be successful, and you'll have to spend more money. With Search Engine Optimization content is built, landing pages are specific, detailed, and provide a great user experience. If you have a tire ad, going to a page about tires, with every detail you'd need to know, it's more likely that the customer visiting your website will place an order instead of bouncing off of your page, to a competitors website. Pairing SEO and a PPC campaign pays for itself in the long run.

AdWords Certified

At webFEAT complete, our PPC campaign managers are AdWords Certified! Having AdWords Certification requires studying and testing of the current best practices that can help businesses get the most for their money. Our goal with any PPC campaign is to show business owners or marketing managers a return on investment through conversion tracking.

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