Backlink Gap: My New Favorite SEMrush Tool
Jun 21

Backlink Gap: My New Favorite SEMrush Tool

Recently I discussed Content Gaps and the Keyword Gap Tool in SEMrush. Backlink Gap is another SEMrush tool that can provide valuable insights that will help a business grow its online presence. Use these two in tandem for competitor analysis, and you’ll have actionable insights that can help your clients grow.

How To Use the Backlink Gap Tool

  2. Enter your domain
  3. Enter 1-4 competitors
  4. Click the green button
  5. Sort your domain lowest to highest
  6. For all of those marked 0, you should explore the link page/post to see if it’s worth pursuing. Worst case you can at least start a conversation with the writer/editor about a future article
  7. Export to a CSV, add a notes column, auto-format those columns so it’s easy to read and you have space to write. Then you can review those links, make notes, know when to follow up, and acquire some high-quality links.

This can get you in the conversation where only your competitors are currently present. I’ve found that many comment marketing opportunities are discovered as well.

You’ll find out that some of your competitors may be engaging in black-hat practices that could give them major temporary gains, but earn them a manual action down the road.

Looking to dive deeper into the Backlink Gap tool? Check out this video from Craig Campbell. He frequently runs webinars with SEMrush, and has a great deal of insight on SEMrush tools and SEO strategy in general.

This isn’t the only backlink tool in SEMrush. You can also audit backlinks to find toxic ones that should be removed or disavowed. There is also a tool that generates backlink ideas based on search phrases and competitors. Dive in!

Sounds like a lot of work right? It is. We’d love to help

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