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4 Reasons Social Media is Important For SEO

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Oct 20

4 Reasons Social Media is Important For SEO

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It wasn’t too long ago that Search Engine Optimization was all about building a whole lot of links without any real strategy. The winner of this race was almost always the site with the most links. That has changed and this strategy alone should not be the sole focus of your SEO campaign. A lot of businesses don’t have the best grasp or understanding of the importance of having a solid social media presence. Things have changed and having a strong social media profile is crucial in your marketing and SEO strategy. Social media gives you the ability to build a following, and you can deliver information regularly to that audience. When they are engaged, it can drive them to your website, and send signals that users are receptive to your brand, among other things.


Work to Expand Your Social Media Reach

It used to be that SEO was all about getting your links anywhere and everywhere, even if the links weren’t active. The advantage of social media is that you now have the opportunity to put those links to your website right in front of your potential customers. The good part is, is that if you produce good, quality content and share it across your social media platforms you will be able to watch your engagement naturally grow.

It is critical to interact with our social connections and make them feel involved. When someone truly feels involved and invested in a company is when they feel the urge to share your content on a regular basis. This part is hard but it is vital to dedicate time on a daily basis to your social media interactions.

As you expand your reach and build your audience, you can explore other tactics. Perhaps you start a campaign to build newsletter signups where users can receive up-to-date information and special promotions. From there, you can send specific offers to quality leads and existing clients. Social media allows you to do this with CTA buttons, or paid campaigns that are not a large investment.


The New and Improved Signal Caller

Social signals have become a new way to gauge the popularity and authority of a website, because it is much more difficult to fake a social signal because they are coming from real users. The main objective is to get your social media following to engage with your content and website, which in turn helps with your SEO strategy. Let’s say search engines see that your business is receiving traffic from social platforms, and many folks are liking, commenting or leaving you reviews. Then they take a look at your competitors, and they have little activity. There is a clear, preferred business there in that category. Social media is an opportunity to gain a leg up. This is especially true in industries where social media doesn’t seem to make as much sense. If you’re a manufacturer of some sort, most of your competitors may not be involved in social. That’s an opportunity.


Actively Be Active

Show users and search engines that you are active, and willing to go out of your way to educate and engage with customers. While building links is important, that alone won’t bring in traffic. One of the main advantages of social media is that it drives REAL traffic to your website – high quality, engaging traffic. If someone is engaged with your business on social media there is an obvious interest your product or service. These interests are ultimately the types of visitors that turn into customers. You can place a piece of information your audience may be interested in, give it a relevant title and description, and before you know it they’re browsing your site.


Create a “Free Link” Builder Army

There are so many social media platforms that it is impossible to name them all. There is Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked In, Pinterest, and Instagram – just to name a few. As you build a following you are also building an army of free “link builders” because they have the ability to share your content with their following. Most new pieces of content that go onto your site should be posted and shared on social media because this results in 100% natural links which is something that Google adores! Social media domains are strong, which can also indicate authority if you regularly share links there, and have folks engaging with. This is especially true if users from social are spending a good amount of time on your site, viewing various pages, and rarely bouncing.

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