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Google Ads Management: Key Factors for Success

Oct 18

Google Ads Management: Key Factors for Success

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One of our favorite tasks at webFEAT Complete is building, managing and maintaining Google Ads (formerly AdWords) campaigns.  Like Google’s algorithms, analytics and other products, there are a lot of components that need to be taken into account.  All of these components work together to put advertisements in front of people who want or need whatever it is that you’re selling.  To us, working with all of these components is like a video game.  In this PPC video game we have the opportunity to navigate and control several factors, that have the potential to outperform the competition and generate a greater return on investment for our clients.  When this happens, we’ve won the game!  Not only can this be great for businesses, but it impacts the user’s experience too.  We don’t want advertisements to be “in your face” or annoying, we want them to deliver exactly what the user is looking for, and simplify their online search or shopping experience.  Our recent blog post gave an overview of what PPC is and why it should be part of your digital strategy.  In this post, we’ll be discussing the specific things you can do to be successful in Google Ads.



Arguably the most important factor, relevancy can have a big impact on Quality Score, which can have a big impact on account success.  I typically keep things simple when starting an advertising account, and from there expand gradually.  By doing this, the account has Ad Groups for each specific product or service you have.  The keywords will relate to the ads, the ads will link to a landing page that relates to the keyword/ad, and because of these all ad groups will have a high quality score.

EXAMPLE: Business A bids on the keyword (we’ll touch on the types of keywords below) “Hazelnut Coffee Scented Candle” and someone searches for that word or phrase.  Business A’s ad appears with a headline saying “Hazelnut Coffee Scented Candles” with a small note below about how it’s part of their now released fall collection, and it links to the “Fall Candles” page of the website.  Business B’s ad appears with a headline saying “Candles” with a small note about how their fall collection just released, and it links to the home page of the website (which doesn’t have any hazelnut scented candles on it.

Which one would you click?

I, along with Google would likely click on Business A’s advertisement, because it seems that it would take me to exactly what I’m looking for.  In this case, Google would place Business A’s ad 1st, and business B’s second.  OF course, we often compete with more than one business, which can complicate things.  This is why advertisers must utilize as many components as possible in an effective way.

Benefits of a High Quality Score

  • Lower Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Higher Average Position of Ads
  • Better Experience for Users
  • Higher Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • More Visibility


Phrase/Exact Match Keywords

We only use phrase and exact match keywords, trying to avoid broad at all costs.  This is an easy way your ppc ad campaign could be wasting money.  When you use broad match keywords, you may intend to bid on something like “water” you’ll appear for searches like “bottled water,” what happened to the gulf water after the oil spill,” “water tower construction,” etc…  Many of these will not have anything to do with your business, and if you receive a click it’s like throwing money away.  Google wants us to be specific, so we can deliver pinpointed results to users, and make them happy, while making Google look good too.

Exact Match Keywords: The word or phrase that is searched would have to match the word or phrase you’re bidding on exactly for an ad to appear.

Phrase Match Keywords: The word or phrase that is searched would have to be a close variation of the word or phrase you’re bidding on for an ad to appear.



An easy way to make an advertisement appear more prominently on a page is through extensions.  There are a variety of extensions you can use that deliver additional information to the user.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Call Extension: This allows your phone number or a phone button to appear next to your advertisement.  It is extremely helpful for users, and great for tracking ROI!

Location Extension: This, as you would expect, allows your location to be displayed next to your ad.  This is especially great for local storefront businesses or restaurants.

Sitelink Extension: Sitelinks are the links below an ad to pages on your website, with a short description.  These assist users extraordinarily by allowing them to choose exactly what page they would like to visit.


Bid Adjustments

One of my favorite additions to AdWords.  Say you’re looking at your AdWords settings, and you see that users on mobile devices are converting more frequently than anywhere else, even though they’re averaging in the third position.  We now have the power to go in and make a bid adjustment, that will increase your bid on a mobile search.  Your ad will appear in a higher position, and you’ll likely generate even more conversions!  Bid adjustments can also be set for days of the week (if you’re utilizing ad-scheduling,) location (if your account has multiple locations it’s servicing,) and more!


webFEAT Complete Utilizes These and Other Strategies to Ensure PPC Campaigns are Successful

Google has given us plenty of tools and data that we can utilize and interpret, to make our accounts successful.  It’s no secret that we’re big fans of AdWords here at webFEAT Complete, you know this if you read my post on AdWords being effective and measurable.  We think it’s likely that Google is going to continue monetizing Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s) and it could be of huge benefit for your business to experiment with AdWords now.  At webFEAT Complete we’ve managed hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad spend for a variety of clients, we’re certified and best of all we can do SEO in-part with a PPC campaign to really make your online presence felt by competitors.  Learn more about webFEAT Complete’s AdWords Management Services, and don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation!  We’re eager to get that phone ringing for your business!

Thank you for reading, and we encourage you to comment/discuss AdWords with us!


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