Essential Social Media Tools: Canva

Mar 17

Essential Social Media Tools: Canva

Social media, if you haven’t noticed by now, has evolved over the years to become a highly visual medium. All you need to do is look at the success of Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat to realize that people like looking at visually appealing posts rather than reading text. If you think about it it make perfect sense. Would you rather scroll through images where your brain can automatically decipher what’s happening. Or stop and read a description of something?
The problem that most small business owners run into however is that they lack the staff and/or the design and photography skills to efficiently create great visual posts. However it’s been documented that social posts with images produce 650% higher engagement rates than posts without images (no, that is not a typo) so it’s vital imagery is included with your social media efforts. Luckily, for the design deficient business owners out there there are tools to help guide you along the way. And the one we recommend most to our clients is a free tool called Canva.

What is Canva?

Canva, to the uninitiated, is a one-stop-shop for all things visual. It is a beginner’s tool that simplifies everything by giving you pre-defined templates and dimensions. From Facebook cover photos to infographics, food menus or gift certificates, and everything in between.

So say you need a Facebook cover photo. They have pre-designed templates with the exact dimensions you need. These templates vary in design are completely customizable so you can add in your own details that pertain to your company but the one thing they have in common are they are all beautifully done. Yes, YOU can get designs just like these for you social media accounts with no design experience necessary.

Canva Templates

Using Canva’s Tools

Once you are inside of the editing interface you are presented with a very simple, easily navigable interface. Photoshop this is not and the tools you are given extremely slimmed down as to not intimidate you. This is truly, for the most part, a drag and drop environment that is perfect for a busy business owner with limited time and resources. You’re even given beautifully done text layouts to help expedite up the process. You also have the ability to upload photos of your own or stock photos. Check out our 10 Best Free Stock Photo Sources for resources.

Canva Tools

Who is Canva for?

Look, we realize that Canva is not Photoshop and the level of designs it produces aren’t going to be on par with experienced graphic designers. But the importance of a tool like Canva should not go unnoticed. It’s quick, it’s efficient, and it’s free. You can have a completed design within 5 minutes of using it. And that’s exactly what small business owners are looking for. Small business owners already wear every other hat in a company and unfortunately social media falls to the wayside. Canva helps that mom and pop coffee shop down the road with 3 employees succeed on social media. That’s what Canva is for and that’s what it is delivering on.
If all of this still sounds a little too intimidating for you our Social Media Management team is here to help. We develop and implement a social media strategy that matches your business’s goals. Learn more about our Social Media Marketing and newsletter services.

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