Facebook Workplace Is Changing The Way We Work

Oct 20

Facebook Workplace Is Changing The Way We Work

Facebook is changing the way we live again – and this time it’s the workplace. Facebook Workplace, Facebook’s new platform for workplace communication, launched on Monday and is now available to companies, non-profits and educational institutions of any size. Designed on the premise that, “organizations are stronger and more productive when everyone comes together,” the platform offers many of the features already found on the personal version of the site but now tailored for a workplace equivalent. Users can expect to see business-focused status updates, article posting and group chats in addition to dashboard analytics, single sign-on and IT integration for office environments.

According to Facebook’s announcement, more than 1,000 organizations around the world are already using Facebook Workplace and that number is expected to grow as new features roll out over time. Also take into the account the 100,000 groups that Workplace currently hosts and it’s clear that there’s a desire for the platform.

Of course, beyond Workplace’s impressive array of features and its convincing use of numbers, the key takeaway from Monday’s announcement is that the line between social media and business is blurring more than it has ever done so before. There’s no debate over whether or not we live in a connected world – we do. The question becomes how Workplace will, or will not, improve upon one of the most prominent aspects of our day-to-day lives.

We can definitely see useful applications of the new Facebook Workplace service. Will Workplace become a critical tool for business or just a way to plan the next office party? We want to hear your opinion. Join the discussion on our Facebook page about the future of the evolving workplace. Alternatively, what other forms of communication do you use inside of your workplace? Do you use Slack? Skype for Business? Or something else entirely?


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