Google Steps Up Security. Starts Blocking Sites With Fake Download Buttons

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Feb 04

Google Steps Up Security. Starts Blocking Sites With Fake Download Buttons

In an effort to step up security, Google has started to block websites that show deceptive download buttons on their website. These fake buttons are usually placed alongside other real download buttons forcing the user to guess which one is the actual button they were looking for. Sometimes they would also pop-up asking you to call some sort of technical team because they allegedly found thousands of malware infections on your computer. These of course are fake results that if clicked could actually infect your computer for real.

Google Safe Browsing

Google has a technology called Safe Browsing which you can already find when searching on Google. You may have seen a big red screen if you clicked on a search result that Google deems questionable. They have been using this for a while now but it has mostly been limited to preventing you from visiting unsafe websites that it may feel are infected or hacked in some way.

One way malware can infect your computer is by installing it to your computer after you have clicked on an ad that appears to be a download button when in fact it isn’t one at all. Three examples below show just how difficult it is to tell the difference between the real thing and a fake ad.

This could be troublesome for webmasters that serve up third party advertisements at random on their website. This could also be beneficial however for SEO purposes. If your website is in good standing and has none of the fake advertisements, you’ll still show up, whereas maybe another site that benefited from these could be hit hard with penalties. By the way, you can check to see if your website is in violation of an of Google’s Safe Browsing parameters by going to the Safe Browsing Tool and putting your website in.

Whatever the case is for your site, this is a giant step forward for internet security. Google is always updating and advancing their search security and this is just another example of it.

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