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Google Page One: Are We There Yet?

Oct 20

Google Page One: Are We There Yet?

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You can probably find your website on Google by using a search term (eventually), this much we know. But, if your website isn’t on the first page of Google, to prospective customers, you’re not really on Google at allGoogle Page One is the ultimate achievement for a website.

This is because less than 10% (ten percent!!!) of users click that little “next” button to advance to page two of Google. Can you really blame them? You can usually find what you’re looking for on the first page anyway, why would you need to go to another page? Sure, you can pay for ads to get placed in prime spots, but guess what, pay-per-click is expensive!

Google Page One Traffic Results

Luckily, achieving a listing on Google page one isn’t just a matter of luck of the draw. There are things you can do to get into this prime real estate. That’s where we come in!

Search Engine Optimization Helps

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is the process of “optimizing” your website so Google will rank you higher on a search page. Think of it this way. There are billions of web pages on the Internet and Google wants the user to search and find exactly what they are looking for. The only way to do this is to scan a website and determine if this site matches up with what the person is searching for. They obviously can’t do this manually so Google uses their “Googlebot” to do this by scanning pages on a regular basis.

The bad news is that Google is constantly changing the algorithms for the way they scan a web page, which means constant SEO needs to take place to hold your crown on the top page of results. The good news however, is that’s exactly what we do for you. We are constantly keeping up with your SEO work making sure you don’t slide down to that dreaded “Page 2” zone.

Sure, you can technically do your own SEO but lets explain it to you this way. Would you try to put in a new transmission for your car, or fly a 747 to Tampa? We wouldn’t recommend attempting to do your own SEO either. Okay maybe that’s not quite the same, but SEO is not something you can just do! If you tried to do it yourself, sure you may do some positive things for your website, but the job would be done halfway (if that) and you could possibly do more harm than good!

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