How To Find Content For Your Blog Using Feedly

Oct 20

How To Find Content For Your Blog Using Feedly

One of the top responses we hear when we ask companies why they don’t blog is “because I don’t know what to write about.” We hear you, and understand. The problem is blogging is one of THE most important aspects of driving customers to your website through Search Engine Optimization. There are a number of ways you can come up with ideas about what to write for your blog. Using is one of these ways, and maybe the best. But what is Feedly? Glad you asked.

What is Feedly?

The most basic and direct way to categorize it is to say that it’s a “news aggregator.” No, not local news (although it can be used in this way). Think of it more as an “interest aggregator”, meaning you can tailor it to fetch things from the internet that you are interested in. For example, we’re are a web development company, so we naturally follow SEO, web design, and social media articles. You may be a landscaping company so you would want to see relevant news on that topic. In turn, seeing what other people are writing about gives you a pretty good idea about what people are interested in allowing you to write blogs people want to read.

The Basics

Once you sign in to Feedly you are asked to search for the topics you are interested in. You can separate these into categories. For us we have category tabs for web design, SEO, social media, and other related topics such as tech. From there you can browse recent posts and once you click on them you are presented with a nice “reader” view which clears out all the ads and gives you a great reading experience. You can also click through to see the original website or save it for later viewing.

Gathering Ideas

You obviously shouldn’t be plagiarizing these posts and simply writing verbatim blog posts. But, you should be gathering ideas and writing posts based off of your current knowledge of the topic. So if we see this article below on Pay-Per-Click Campaigns, we could read it and then write a post about this subject based on our expertise on the subject. Because this particular website is a large and influential resource online we know that this is something that people are interested in, thus we know that people would be interested in learning more and searching the topic, in which case we hope we can draw them to our post.


There are countless resources for gathering ideas for blog posts. Feedly may be one of the best options because it allows you to see all of the information on the internet in one interface. It also allows you to customize exactly what you want to see without the need to manually search Google for the subject. The best part about Feedly? It’s free! Which makes it in an invaluable resource for your online business strategy. Oh and there is a mobile app as well if that’s more your style.

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