May 09

Introducing FEAT FIRST

FEAT FIRST! It’s the new name of our blog, and our new video series that will talk about all things digital including SEO, Content, Social Media and so much more. This includes current happenings, strategies, people to follow, and more! Watch the introductory video, here:


Hi. My name is Ray Cheselka, I’m the SEO and AdWords Manager here at webFEAT Complete. We’ve already got a lot going on in 2018, but one thing in particular we want to share with you today is that we’re developing part of our office to be a studio, where we’re going to have a monthly video series. This video series is going to discuss a range of topics.

To start, we’re going to discuss our blog content, really elaborate on it, bring the whole SEO team in and create a discussion about the topics and best practices. Next, we’re going to be discussing search engine algorithm updates. These updates, we’re going to make sure we’re adapting to them quickly, playing them to our advantage, and staying ahead of the curve and competitors. Last, but not least, we often times encounter problems and look to google or other search engines to find a solution and sometimes those resources are lacking. In those cases there is an opportunity to create content that will be helpful to others, and document our learning process. So we’ll dive into that.

This content won’t be just targeted to SEO’s, social media managers and coordinators, content creators, but it will also be targeted to business owners, marketing managers, and really anyone dealing with a website that is representative of their brand on a regular basis. So keep a look out for this video in 1-2 weeks, and we’re really excited to start this journey. We hope you’ll join along with us so we can all learn, get better at what we do and make our brands more visible online.


  1. Dennis
    May 17, 2018 at 3:50 pm · Reply

    Congratulations on launching Feat First! I’m excited to hear what you’ll have to say on content and social media strategies, because they have become such a big part of the success of my online business! I try my best to keep my eye on the best advertising techniques out there to keep my brand up-to-date and fresh, and I would love to add some smart marketing strategy to the mix! I’ll keep my eye out for your next video!

    • Ray Cheselka
      May 18, 2018 at 7:45 am · Reply

      Thank you, Dennis!

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