Learn More About Local SEO

Sep 22

Learn More About Local SEO

What Is Local SEO?

The short version of Local SEO comes down to optimizing your business online so that the results are relevant to the searcher based on their current location. For example, if you do a search for “Best Bakeries” on Google, it would provide you with results that are relevant to your location. More and more, where your business is located, relative to where a potential customer is searching for you, factors into not only your search engine results rankings, but also your general visibility on a search engine results page as a whole. The rise in smartphone usage has resulted in 80% of searchers using their mobile devices to find local information on the go.

What Does Local SEO Management Entail?

This is a little bit harder to answer but the main areas that we focus on include:

NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number)

The most important part of local SEO is a trio of information known as NAP, or Name, Address, Phone Number. Local search engines use NAP as a barometer for a company’s existence. All of your listings online need to be in line or search engines may identify your business inaccurately. For example, your information on Yelp needs to be consistent with your information on Google+. Even a misplaced apostrophe, or using “St.” on one and “Street” on another will affect it. This part is hard. You can either take the time to find every citation on the internet yourself, or hire someone to do it.

Having A Social Media Presence

In a lot of cases, customers are using your social media pages as your website instead of your actual site. They’ll use Facebook, UrbanSpoon, Yelp, or TripAdvisor as their source of information about you. At the very least, your Google+ page needs to be completed and relevant. Google will favor any business that keeps its listing and Google+ content fresh and updated frequently. Even more, Google and Twitter just inked a deal that allows a company’s tweets to show up in Google Searches making social media even more relevant. Social signals are becoming more and more important for local SEO.


The ability to get reviews is vastly important. Going back to social media, a lot of customers don’t even visit the actual website, instead opting to visit a review site or look at Google’s reviews. Both quality and quantity are important because these are testimonials Google in distributing for you and are also important in how Google is ranking you on their Maps and Places results. Having a positive score affects how Google places you.

Hyperlocal SEOlocal-seo

By optimizing your business website with local terms you can vastly improve your visibility in your neighborhood. This includes blogging. By blogging, your site is continually pushing information to search engines and giving them hyperlocal keywords to identify. Businesses that blog have 97% more inbound links to their site compared to businesses that don’t blog.

What Can We Do For You?

Part of our webFEAT Complete service is to stay up-to-date with all of these factors. We continually fine tune your NAP and relevant information across the internet to make sure Google can find your business when someone searches for you services. We also have social media professionals that keep up with your social media presence and make sure that when a customer is searching for something, they can find it. We are also continually updating your website with relevant local information to keep the site fresh and current with local search terms and phrases making it easier for someone to find you online. This includes blogging for you on a regular basis. Local Management is time consuming. Your job is running your company, our job is making sure people can find it.


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