Mobile vs Responsive: 4 Benefits Of Each

Mobile versus Responsive
Oct 20

Mobile vs Responsive: 4 Benefits Of Each

Mobile vs Responsive Web Design

Mobile vs Responsive web design. Which one should you be using? Unfortunately, there is no single correct answer. It really all depends on what kind of experience you are looking for. Here are four (of MANY) reasons in support of each type of mobile website design style.


  • Static navigational navigation on a device by device basis
  • Smaller files and pre-selected content result in quicker loading times
  • Easy for consumer to use a simplified website that is “thumb” friendly, allowing for less typing unless necessary
  • Specifically tailored website that considers all abilities and limitations of your device


  • “Responds” to your device and scales your site up or down depending on which device is being used
  • Generally more time and cost effective
  • Navigation and content is consistent across all devices
  • Recommended by Google for SEO

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