Weather – Local Google Search Update

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Oct 20

Weather – Local Google Search Update

It’s pretty common for anyone, anywhere to get on their computer or phone to check the weather.  Today I was one of those people.  I typed Cincinnati Weather, and before I clicked enter to execute the search I noticed a small image of clouds with a temperature and day of the week next to it!

Pretty cool right?  This prompted me to check if it was functional on a mobile device.  I pulled out my LG G3 with Google Chrome and sure enough, there was the weather information.

When typing weather Cincinnati instead of Cincinnati weather, it was still able to recognize my search and put out the weather information (no surprise there right?)  A tool Google has is called Google Trends, and it’s evident that the interest in weather is growing.

I’m wondering, will Google expand upon this local Google deature for the next most common searches like radar or forecast? Maybe they will build it out to show more information?  For example, they could eliminate the day of the week and time of day, in order to add a 3 day forecast.  The limitations lie within the space in the search or web address bar.  If they are doing this for weather, I would think that they will integrate it for other popular searches where possible too.  Perhaps we will start to see restaurant star ratings in the search bar, or other frequently sought information of that nature.  A common search that I just performed was “when do we fall back 2015?”  Something like this with its simple response “Sunday November 1st 2:00am”, could most likely be integrated into Google’s search bar.  I guess we will just have to wait and see!

One thing we all know is that Google is trying to simplify the user’s local Google experience and help users make good, efficient decisions.  A trend that we are seeing with Google’s updates in this effort is the emphasis on local search.  Recent updates including the Local Pack changing from 7 to 3 results confirm this.  7 results narrowing to only 3 increases the importance of having a solid local presence even more-so for local businesses.  SEO’s are certainly aware that local is integral to a successful SEO campaign, as businesses that have dropped out of the pack are losing a significant amount of traffic and overall business.

At webFEAT complete we’re always on top of the latest updates, trends and best practices for search rankings and presence.  If your business has fallen out of the local pack or your website is seemingly invisible to Google, we can help!  Check back in with us soon to see what’s new in SEO, Social Media, Web Design, Development and Hosting.

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