WordPress Website Hacked? Now What?

Jul 06

WordPress Website Hacked? Now What?

WordPress websites are some of the most secure sites on the internet today. This is because security scanners know what to expect when they scan your website. For example they can tell that WordPress Core Files shouldn’t contain certain types of code or load assets from external domains and/or contain hard to understand codes that weren’t put there by the user. However, this doesn’t make WordPress invincible by any means. These hackers can still get in to it, especially through the use of plugins. So, is your WordPress website hacked? Read on for signs of a hacked website.

WordPress Website Hacked? Here’s How to Tell.

  • If you have popups displaying on your website that you didn’t implement yourself
  • If odd text is displayed in areas like the footers or in the “View Source”
  • Auto-linking keywords that you didn’t create or outright linking to other websites that you didn’t put in
  • Obfuscated, hard to understand code or plugins that sometimes contains encoded text
  • If your entire website is outright redirecting to another website entirely
  • Notifications of unusual spikes in site traffic or website activity
  • Search engines ranking your website for odd terms that have nothing to do with your business (ie Viagra, Cialis, etc.)

WordPress Website Hacked Already. Now What?

At webFEAT Complete, we take Proactive steps when we design a WordPress website to prevent it from ever being hacked in the first place. But, what if your WordPress website is already hacked? Luckily for you, we use all of the same tools and techniques that the top firms on the internet use. Our processes will help get your site up and running smoothly again as well as help prevent future hacks from happening again.

How Can We Help?

The first thing we do is to find a baseline by identifying what’s in your environment (i.e. checking the version numbers and vulnerabilities.) From there we can then use our advanced programs to find any known malware and remove these infections automatically. After that, we actually manually go in and look through your website to find out if there are any other unknown malware infections that the software didn’t detect and remove them. Additionally, we also work with the top search engines to get your website removed from any of their blacklists you may be on. And finally, when we have all of the infections removed, we fortify security firewalls which will help prevent the hack from happening again.

Some of the hacks we can remove include malware injections, Google blacklists, Google SERP warnings, defacements, backdoors, Pharma hacks, SEO spam injections, Phishing files, and malicious redirects.

So, has your website been hacked? Let us solve your Worpdress Hacking woes. Contact us and we will immediately assess your situation.

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