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Dec 28

New Business Website: A New Year’s Resolution Worth Keeping

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Every year around this time people all around the world are preparing for the new year by making their New Year’s resolutions. Whether or not they stick to them or not well, that’s a different story altogether. As a business owner you should also be making your own New Year’s resolutions that will benefit your company in 2019 and beyond. One of those resolutions may actually be the easiest goal to stick to: getting a new website. The great thing about this resolution is that once you make the decision to move forward with it the rest is up to the professionals to make sure it gets accomplished. You may be thinking that your website isn’t in need of a refresh. Ultimately there are probably some things about your current site that may actually be preventing it from performing better. But how can you tell if it’s time for a new site? Well if your website is victim to any one of these three common issues then it’s time to get an early start on a new re-design and turn your website into a money making machine.

Your Website is More Than 5 Years Old

It may be easy to think that a five year old website isn’t that much of an issue. However, in today’s day and age having a five year old site is like having the original Nokia 3310 phone in your pocket while everyone else is wielding a brand new iPhone XS. In the same way technology changes so quickly so do web standards. Which is why it’s so important to have your website up to the current bar. For example, five years ago Flash websites were all the rage. And now? Well now Flash websites are so far on the opposite end of the web standards spectrum that Google is going out of its weigh to straight up block Flash in its Chrome browser. That means if your website relies on Flash elements it’s not even going to work on the world’s leading internet browser.

Your Website is not Mobile Responsive

Why is it so important for your website to be mobile responsive? From a pure usability perspective it’s important that your website can be used on any screen size that a potential customer is using. People access the web in more ways than just the traditional personal computer. Tablets, and even more so smartphones, are the leading devices in terms of internet traffic in 2018. That means it is vitally important your site can be navigated easily on smaller screens or you’re alienating more than half the traffic.

And even more important, your site needs to mobile responsive simply because Google is starting to demand it. This year saw the first time Google made it clear your website needs to mobile optimized. They are taking it so seriously that they are now indexing your website’s mobile side before it even comes over to scan its desktop counterpart. That means your rankings in Google Search are going to be dramatically affected if you aren’t prepared. One thing that we do when designing a new site is design with a mobile focused strategy meaning your site is always going to look and behave just as good on a phone as it would on a desktop PC.

Your Website is Too Slow

Something to keep in mind when it comes to your website is that Google loves speed. They want your site to load in about 2-3 seconds. Anything over that and it starts to affect your rankings. And if you think about it that makes sense for them to do. No user wants to click through to your website and be met with a site that takes 7 seconds to even load. They’re going to hit that back button immediately. So Google tries to negate this negative user experience by penalizing slow websites.

You Like Your Competitor’s Website Better Than Yours

Your website is your first line of contact for most people and as such you really need to focus on making a great first impression. One of the easiest ways to tell if your website is up to snuff compared to your competitor’s is to do a simple competitor research tactic. Visit their website and see if you like it better than yours. Because the matter of the fact is that if you like their website better so will a customer who is comparing multiple companies. And if you do come to the conclusion that you like their website more than yours it makes it even easier for a web design company like ours to mimic what you do and don’t like about it to give you the perfect results.

Our design and development team have been at the cutting edge of web standards for over a combined 50 years which means you can rest easy knowing your website will be a top performer in whatever industry you’re in. You can see some of the current designs we’ve finished by visiting our design portfolio and browsing those sites first hand. And if you decide 2019 is the year to give your site a major boost in productivity then you can contact us to get the conversation started and get your company New Year’s resolution finished before you can say Happy New Year!



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