What We Do

Managing a website and where it lives is a tall order. If managing your website is becoming a chore, or you want to outsource it-the WP³ plan was made for you.

  • Backups: We take frequent on- and off-site backups, so your website is safe no matter what. If we have to restore your website, we’ll do so for a small fee.
  • Updates: Websites need to be updated constantly. When they aren’t, they slow down and become targets for hackers. We perform monthly updates to keep your website fast and secure.
  • Optimization: We record your website’s speed/load and make the necessary changes to ensure it runs as fast as possible.
  • Monitoring: We constantly watch your site for signs of malicious activity. If we find any, our web experts quickly handle the issue, so your site can go on advertising your business.
  • It’s unlimited: When you host your website with us, you get unlimited bandwidth from our lightning-fast fiber connection.
  • Reports: Whenever we make changes to your website, our techs create a custom report that gets sent straight to you, keeping you in the loop.
  • Peace of Mind: With our WP³ plan, we take care of everything for you and get the Hosting item off of your plate. We even buy/renew domains.
  • It’s secure: We utilize a state full packet inspection firewall with ACL and SNORT on all of our servers. Each server has regularly updated endpoint security/anti-virus software. We have a UPS battery backup (in-line) with a natural gas generator to handle significant power outages, so your website is safe no matter what. We also setup SSL’s/https.
  • Virtualization: Developing remote resources and virtualizing for added versatility, reliability, and security. we are building a network that talks to us so that we can be more proactive to all hosted services that we offer.
server room 3d illustration with programming data design element.
3d server room interior
  • Real people: All of our hosting clients get on-site customer support. Whenever you call with an issue, our experts will answer and work with you until your issue is resolved. You’ll talk to humans, not robots.
  • It’s customizable: You can host your website, email, and DNS here, just one of those three, or any combination of the three. We even include mail filtering if you host your email here. We’re flexible. Pick the parts that work for you and leave behind the rest. We can also provide dedicated IP addresses upon request.

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