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webFEAT Complete eCommerce Administrative Capabilities

webFEAT Complete, Inc., Cincinnati's leading website design and development company, specializes in the development of custom ecommerce sites. Because custom development can be rather costly, webFEAT Complete also has created a customizable eCommerce package that could fit your development needs without breaking the budget. This new "packaged" ecommerce software is customized to your look and your database structure for under $10,000!

Sites that are currently using the webFEAT Complete Commerce Software include:

Custom Development Sites can be built to accommodate your corporate needs and special functionality that is desired. Custom sites that have been built by webFEAT Complete, Inc. include:

The screen captures below demonstrate the advanced controls and functionality of the customize webFEAT Complete Commerce packaged software.

The administrative tools are simple to use and provide hands-on product and eCommerce control.

Here is a sample of the administrative login and a guide to the management screens that are available. Ready! Set! Go!

Administrative Login

Ecommerce Manager

Category Management:

Add, edit and delete product categories “on the fly”. Each category will automatically appear in the navigation the minute you create the category. You can sort the categories to appear in the order you select.

Categories can appear with an associated image. Categories can appear in a “grid” format or can appear as a typical product layout with associated product images for each category. See the image below for a sample of the easy to use administrative area for category management.

Ecommerce Manager

Product Management:

Unbelievable Functionality!

Easily add a product and assign it to one category or several product categories. Assign strategic keywords to each product to increase the search engine response. Assign quantity discounts specific to each product. Attach it to a specific “vendor” so that search results will attach the product to a particular vendor. Provide FREE shipping on any product. Feature the product as a “special” on the home page…or just as a ‘featured product”. Add a “custom shipping charge if a product is particularly “clumsy” for shipping. See the easy to use product management interface below:

Product Manager

User Manager:

Add, edit and delete “users” (customers) Assign each user a custom pricing level (1 of 3 levels available) Enable the customer to purchase using a purchase order or to skip the shipping process and allow will call purchases for convenient product pickup.

See the customer management screen below:

User Manager

Vendor Management

Add a vendor (manufacturer) to the site and associate an image with the vendor. Products can then be assigned to a specific vendor and displayed by vendor vs product category as an add-on.

Ecommerce CMS

Bulk Upload and Product Backups

As the administrator, you can easily upload a completely new product database vs. making single site changes. You can also download your product database for internal review.

webFEAT Complete Commerce

Order Management

Ah yes! The all important sales process of managing your orders! Your order history area will allow you to search for orders by a specific date and order status (All, pending, complete or cancelled), You can also search by name, address or ticket number. No sale is ever lost!

Order can be sorted by order number, last name, date and status for easy review of invoices and orders.


Sales Ticket Review

Easily view the order summary of individual orders. Alter the order status. Use the order ticket as a printable receipt.

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