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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

"Our SEO rankings and page views have increased every month since the site was completed (July 2014) and in May (2015), our page views and visits were up 20% in most categories"
Steve Goellner
Sales and Marketing Manager
Manufacturers Supplies Co.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is used to leverage your business and it's online presence in the increasingly important world of search. It specifically addresses organic search results (not paid) and all major search engines, most importantly Google. It has gained popularity and usage among businesses both large and small for several reasons. It has been proven that people favor the top results on a search, and that most searchers don't even bother to scroll to the bottom of the first page of results, much less the second page. Simply put, your website and effort online can make or break your business.

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Think About It-What Do You Search For?

No matter what you're looking for, it's safe to say that most people search for it rather than going from store to store. Businesses can even put their products online through Ecommerce websites. Let's say you're ready for the weekend and you'd like to try out a new restaurant. Where do you start? Search. In Cincinnati and all over the country, regardless of the town or industry, there's a lot of options and competition over Google ranks these days! Studies have shown that users favor the top 3 results much more than the items that follow. Search Engine Optimization put's your business on or near the top of the page, steering and staying away from the blur of businesses that fall into irrelevancy beyond the first page or two.

What Will SEO From webFEAT Complete Do For Your Business

Our SEO team works with you to learn about your respective business. By becoming knowledgeable in your field we can better convey to users, what you can do for, or provide them. By doing this and using that knowledge in search tactics and strategies, we work towards the ultimate goal of generating more leads, conversions, and business in general. You may appear in searches hundreds, or even thousands of times for a particular keyword or phrase, but Search Engine Optimization aims to capture a greater share of the clicks, calls, and leads associated with those appearances. This can be achieved when done correctly. To do it correctly, and completely, an SEO expert is necessary. Algorithm's change, along with the importance of certain factors. To keep up with the constant change you really need to dive into the field. Our expert SEO team does just that, and that expertise can take your business to the top of Google's rankings.

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Frequently Associated Services-AdWords Management, Social Media Management

One of the ways the brand name webFEAT Complete came about was from our complete package of services. We've worked with thousands of clients Designing and Developing websites, Hosting those websites, and applying SEO and Social Media strategies along with them. These services can be paired together, or you can select them a la carte. Most relative to Search Engine Optimization is AdWords Management, and Social Media Management. Social Media is an important counterpart to SEO with it's growing value in algorithms, and ability to produce engagement. AdWords allows you to pay to get ahead in search. It is also referred to as PPC, or paid-search. When paired with SEO, these services will put your business fully on the offensive in the competitive market. In the end, our goal is to see your Google rankings go straight to the top!

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Return on Investment (ROI)

What it all comes down to is the bottom line. Are you getting a return on your investment? Is the Search Engine Optimization endeavor going to be beneficial for your numbers at the end of the year? That's exactly what we want to help with. With webFEAT Complete you'll get reports that clearly exhibit the change in traffic, site errors and penalties, top and opportunity keywords, content recommendations, call and form completion conversions, and much more. We understand the importance if businesses to their respective owners, and are always as transparent and responsive as possible to help you achieve business goals. We're based in Cincinnati, but can do this for any business within the United States!

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