Hack Repairs and Security

Websites are made up of tons of individual moving parts and a whole lot of data. Because of this, any little misstep can cause the website to break. You also have to be aware of hackers and malware that can break your website.


We can fix your website

You get a call from a customer that they can’t access your website: Something may be broken on the back end. We can go in and figure out what the problem is so that your site can be up and running again ASAP.

Someone notifies you that your website is not secure: They have tried to view your site and received a warning that your site is not secure. This is likely an issue with your SSL that we can fix.

A customer is struggling to make a payment: Someone is trying to purchase your product but is unable to submit their payment. This may be an issue with your e-commerce platform that we can help you resolve.

Things on your website don’t look correct: Are you noticing broken images, or animations not working how they should? Maybe you tried to view a page that you know exists, but you’re receiving an error. This could be a multitude of issues with plugins and redirects that we can help you identify and resolve.

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We offer a comprehensive protection plan: Our WP3 program helps you ensure that your website is consistently maintained and protected. Our team proactively assess any risks, threats, or issues with your website and resolves them ASAP. By choosing our comprehensive protection plan, you can rest easy knowing that your website is well taken care of and working well so that it can continuously be bringing in new leads and business.

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