Instant Search Results – Google Test/Rollout (Weather, Stocks…)

Oct 20

Instant Search Results – Google Test/Rollout (Weather, Stocks…)

Following yesterdays blog post on a possible Google search update or integration, we’re now seeing a new development – Instant Search Results.

Originally we saw that local weather was appearing with an image of the current weather, the temperature and the time of the day.  Today we stumbled upon an instant search result featuring a stock quote!  The stock quote gives the symbol, the market it trades on, the time and the monetary value it is up with the corresponding percentage.  This result was also functional on both mobile, and desktop.  This indicates the possibility of of a rollout, or at the very least a test for instant search results for frequently searched topics.

For those looking to check something quickly, this is about as quick as it gets aside from having a ticker on the front of your phone.  All stock quotes aren’t necessarily searched often, but it’s something that investors will certainly enjoy having.   I thought Google’s search results were fast already, but they are constantly innovating and improving.

What are some other things that come to mind when thinking about these instant results?  I frequently search for are scores of major sporting events, or hours of a restaurant for the particular day you search “(name of restaurant) hours”, who knows where this could go!

Where will google take these instant search results from here?  And what else do you think Google may include in these instant search results?  We would love to hear your thoughts!

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