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Michelle Selnick - Chief Executive Officer

Michelle is the President and CEO of webFEAT Complete. She started webFEAT over 20 years ago, before Google even existed. She is one of the first women in Cincinnati to own two internet-based companies. From the get-go, Michelle fostered a passion for success, innovation, and education. She is committed to achieving success, both for herself and for her clients. Her mantra is “Balance, Believe and Breathe”- probably not in that order.

Michelle Selnick – CEO

Jeremy Maurer - Chief Operating Officer

Jeremy “The Wizard” Maurer is our resident tech-guru (and COO). He is a certified ethical hacker who is committed to keeping the webFEAT servers safe, secure, and protected against any threats. This extends to our client’s data that they choose to store with us – Jeremy is fully dedicated to making sure our systems are always top of the line, running smoothly, and helping our clients achieve success.

Jeremy Maurer – COO

Ray Cheselka - Chief Marketing Officer

Ray is the CMO at webFEAT Complete, and has been managing SEO & Google Ads accounts for 7+ years. He’s passionate about growing business exposure, leads, and revenue through websites, and helping businesses grow. Ray is both team and client oriented; he will always go out of his way to lend a helping hand. When out of the office he’s probably traveling all across the country, snowboarding, hiking, or eating.

Ray Cheselka – CMO

Justin Marshall - Social Media Director

Justin is the Social Media Director at webFEAT Complete. As the resident social media expert, he is responsible for planning and executing effective social media strategies for our clients that drive traffic and increase social SEO. When he’s not reading up on the latest social media trends he is on a constant journey to find the best burger in Cincinnati (a never-ending quest).

Justin Marshall – Social Media Director

Jake Ostmann - SEO Analyst

Jake is an SEO Analyst for webFEAT Complete. Ask a question and Jake will do anything to figure out the answer. He is committed to our clients and going above and beyond to provide them with outstanding service. Outside of work, you can find him performing throughout Cincinnati in his band, Season Sleep, honing his woodworking skills, or exploring a new city with family and friends.

Jake Ostmann – SEO Analyst

Karly Nemeth - Marketing Assistant

Karly assists internal marketing webFEAT Complete, and also assists with any design needs our clients have. She is extremely dedicated to helping businesses grow online as well as learning new strategies to do so. She enjoys researching and implementing new strategies to help her team be successful. When she’s not combing the web for digital marketing tips and tricks, you can find her walking her dog through Cincinnati’s gorgeous parks or on the hunt for the perfect iced coffee.

Karly Nemeth – Marketing Assistant

Isabella Pennese - Asst. Project Manager

Isabella is responsible for project management at webFEAT Complete. She is dedicated to communicating daily with our clients about project needs and updates, as well as helping out her team members in various departments. Isabella will do whatever it takes in order to get projects done! Outside of work, you can find Isabella enjoying a good Netflix binge or hanging out at the dog park with her pup.

Isabella Pennese – Asst. Project Manager

Cory Selnick - Systems Administrator

Cory is the System’s Administrator at webFEAT Complete. He takes care of all things tech-related and plays an important role in our webFEAT Hosting capabilities. Cory is also an ecommerce genius and frequently helps our clients towards achieving success selling online. His favorite pastimes are spending time with his cat and his family, along with coming up with the most unique Zoom backgrounds to use during meetings. He’s basically a technical genius- second in line to The Wizard.

Cory Selnick – Systems Administrator

Leon Barton - Web Designer

Leon joined the webFEAT team in 2019 as our resident website designer. He has been designing websites for over a decade as well as other multimedia content such as videos. He enjoys using his creativity to create engaging, cutting edge, user-friendly sites for any industry to help businesses achieve success online. Leon is also a music lover- he has a collection of thousands upon thousands of vinyl records that he displays in his home.

Leon Barton – Designer

Tommy Walter - Account Manager

Tommy is an Account Manager with webFEAT Complete. He is here to help guide you through the process start to finish of creating a website, utilizing new marketing strategies, building your digital marketing plan, and more! His commitment to helping clients grow and achieve success is unparalleled.  He is an avid Cincinnati sports fan and loves exploring the city and all of the great things it has to offer.

Tommy Walter – Account Manager

Beth Bushman - Accounting Assistant

Beth works part-time as an accounting assistant along with miscellaneous office functions here at webFEAT Complete. She spends her days processing invoices and recording payments. She is always happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding your account. When Beth is not working she spends her time with her family, traveling and reading in any spare moments.

Beth Bushman – Accounting Assistant

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