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DEFY Wood Stain Ecomm New Site

Defy Wood Stain is the manufacturer and distributor of the award-winning DEFY line of products. They are well-known and respected in the worlds of wood staining and cleaning products, and they take things a step further by making themselves extremely available whenever customers have a question about their products.


Defy Wood Stain wanted their website to reflect the quality of their products and service. Before our redesign, their site was small, unresponsive, and prone to crashing. Defy wanted to host their site in a secure place, and they also wanted to make their site more user-friendly.


The website we designed for Defy Wood Stain is mobile-friendly, responsive, and places an emphasis on user experience. We ported over all the old content and created new content as needed. The new site makes it easy and convenient for users to get all the information about Defy’s products that they could want. It features tools such as a store locator, links to online sellers, and a square footage calculator so users have an idea of how much stain they will need for their deck.

Services Provided

  • Custom WordPress website design
  • Superior hosting
  • Ported over all content and developed more as needed
  • One-time SEO


  • Fully responsive design
  • Addition of a blog
  • Request-a-sample form
  • Dealer locator
  • Online chat
  • Square-footage calculator for decks
  • Q&A forum
Screenshot of DWS' store locator
A store locator complete with an interactive map lets users easily find the closest DEFY distributor near them. This makes it as simple and easy as possible for users to make the purchases they want to make.
Screenshot of DWS' products page
Each product has its own page where users can find all the information they could ever want, including product specifications, photo galleries, and data sheets. There is also a review section where users can talk about how the product fit their needs. This offers transparency and gives other users a sense of security when deciding to do business with Defy.
Screenshot of DWS' forum page
A forum page lets users post topics with questions or advice for other users (or even Defy!) to discuss. This allows Defy to create a sense of community around their products, and it also lets Defy address potential customers’ concerns. Furthermore, the general helpfulness of both users and Defy on these forms strengthens Defy’s image as a trustworthy seller.


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