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Robert McMahon, Ph.D

Dr. Robert McMahon came to us with no previous website however he wanted to have a digital hub where he could send people to learn more information about his services. It needed to have a minimalist design, be fast, and most importantly be extremely informational.


The number one goal of Dr. McMahon’s website is to establish himself as a thought leader. He has already achieved this in the real world, he now wants to relay this status into the digital world. The biggest area of focus on his site is his new blog where he wanted to have a clean layout for him to post a variety of information¬†including: Case Studies, Events, Workshop Templates, Info graphs and other helpful entries.


We designed the entire website around the blog. The homepage gives you a little bit of information about Dr. McMahon and offers up a few options to learn more information. The pages within the website offer up links to entries within the blog such as case studies that will help you learn more information about a certain topic. Each focus area has a page with links to learn more about it by reading the particular blog entry associated with it. This way interested parties can navigate to the blog if they are interested in gaining a wealth of information.

Services Provided

  • Custom WordPress website design
  • Superior hosting


  • Bold, colorful quality imagery
  • Easy to read blog
  • Responsive web design
  • Easy to use “Appointment Request”
  • Individual services pages
The blog, his main area of focus, has a simple layout masonry design. Hover your mouse over each blog and the card will flip for you to get more information. Click on the entry and you will be presented the entire blog to read in a clean, simple and distraction-free layout.
Interested in learning more or scheduling an appointment? You can do all of that in one easy to use page. You can pick your preferred method of communication here as well so you have multiple ways to contact Dr. McMahon.
On his About Us page he not only wanted to offer up information about himself but a little bit more about his process so he would establish some credibility. Instead of just saying he can help you he details exactly how he can help you.
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