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Unique Home Systems

Unique Home Systems WordPress Website Design

For over 30 years Unique Home Systems has been a leader in the audio/visual, home theater and automation market in both the residential and commercial space. With their website they wanted to convey a sense of quality throughout all of their services. We integrated high quality visuals, slideshows, and photo galleries to give the user this sense of quality. This website is very straightforward and to the point showcasing the products and services that Unique Home Systems provides.


Unique Home Systems first and foremost wanted to show potential customers that the products and services that they provide are of the highest quality possible. They want a user to be able to imagine what it would look like in their own home or office. The problem with their previous website was that is was very text heavy which required the user to read about why they should use their services instead of showing them. This was the biggest goal UHS wanted to accomplish.


The best way to accomplish the “show, don’t tell” predicament is to implement high quality imagery showcasing these products and services. Right off of the bat once you visit the home page you are served big and beautiful sliders showcasing some of the types of work that Unique Home Systems can do for their customers. Scroll down and even their services are listed out in a visual way that makes the user feel engrossed into the content on the page. For example, hover over these products and services and animations show up helping to give the website some personality. Browse around the rest of the website and you get a better sense of this of visual-first approach.

Services Provided

  • Custom WordPress website design
  • Superior hosting


  • High-quality imagery
  • Responsive web design
  • Visual photo galleries
  • Easy to use “Request a Quote”
  • Individual services pages
  • Mega menu for services
Instead of the typical way services are listed out we continued the visual first approach with this masonry style service list. When you hover your mouse over you are then shown what each service is. This gives the site some flair while also helping to keep the user engaged.
Most modern websites have a services tab in their navigation that requires them to then visit another page with services listed out. For Unique Home Systems we implemented this “mega-menu” method. When a user hovers over services they are immediately displayed everything UHS has to offer making it easier for the user to go directly to what they are looking for.
Aside from making what UHS can do perfectly clear through the use of visuals they wanted to also make it perfectly clear how to contact them. And they wanted it to be simple and straightforward just like the website. This contact page makes it very easy to get a hold of them.

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