wFC Marketing Team

Amplify your brand’s trustworthiness with Reputation Marketing

Gain a competitive edge

Would you rather stay in a hotel or eat at a restaurant that was guest-rated 3.7/5 stars, or 4.8/5 stars?

The importance of reputation management is clear.

Along with building trust with prospects, your online reputation can separate you from the pack in local searches. A business with a superior star rating is certainly preferential to one that is lower-rated.

We integrate review generation into your process and manage incoming reviews for long-term customer engagement and review garnering. This ensures your business looks like the right choice to prospective customers. We can also help to repair poor online reputations, and counteract negative reviews.

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What we do

  • Manage/Respond to reviews
  • Manage Local Listings
  • Flag and report spam reviews to get them off of your approval
  • Push bad press down off the first page
  • Get your brand to be more active
  • Facebook Page Management
  • Instagram Page Management
  • Twitter Profile Management
  • LinkedIn Business Page Management
  • YouTube Page Management
  • Pinterest Page Management
  • and more!

Our Approach

  • Encourage positive activity in the local community, and therefore positive press
  • Amplify that positive press
  • Strengthen brand and team members to be more active, favorable to dated bad press
  • Perform Profile Health Checkup
  • Create competitor report analysis
  • create cohesive brand guidelines across all accounts
  • Unify NAP (name, address, phone number) on all online listings
  • Develop social media strategy based on your goals
  • Connect with relevant, qualified users
  • Grow social media pages with those new users
  • Create convertible content across all channels
  • Increase Brand Awareness of your business
  • Monitor, improve, and adapt to social network algorithm updates
  • Provide reports, insights and unmatched customer service

What this does for you

  • Repairs brand reputation and perception online
  • Makes brand active online
  • Grows traffic to your website from listings and social media
  • Helps new users discover your company by satisfying social channel algorithms
  • Boosts your website content across a free, high ROI medium, along with SEO efforts
  • Keeps your business top-of-mind when a customer needs your product or service
  • Promotes your company across an enormous database of potential customers
  • Gives a great representation of your brand online
  • Builds a following of your exact target audience
  • Generates qualified leads from that social media following
  • Increases sales, and brand awareness using a multi-channel approach
  • Better know and serve potential customers using follower insights
  • Gives you leverage against your competition