Social Media Advertising

Social Media Ads increase visibility, sales & growth

Flexible, effective & targeted Social Media Ads campaigns

Our certified Social Media Marketing professionals will develop a personalized social media advertising strategy based on your business goals. From ideation to execution and tracking — we help provide the best ROI for your ad campaigns.

Social Media Advertising has one of the highest Digital Marketing ROI’s with the ability to start up campaigns and see a return for as little as $5/day. Their superior flexibility allows for in-the-moment advertising traditional ad outlets, such as TV & Radio, simply cannot match.

Our team will focus our work on what your business goals are including: E-commerce sales, event promotion, brand awareness or RFQ leads. Whatever your current advertising needs are, our team is here to help.

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What we do

Our Approach

  • Perform profile/website health and optimizations
  • Develop social media advertising strategy based on your goals
  • Focus on: Sales, Engagement, Band Awareness, Clicks, etc.
  • Industry-specific, Lookalike and Geographic ad targeting
  • Installation of Facebook tracking pixel across all websites
  • Setting up custom conversions, tracking, and audiences
  • Company, industry and audience research
  • Target exact audiences, industries job titles, demographics and areas based on our research and your ideal customer
  • Initial startup of small, low budget Page Likes, traffic, or brand awareness campaigns
  • Conversion and retargeting campaigns set up
  • A/B testing on all Ad Sets and Campaigns
  • Continued research and modifications to improve overall ROI
  • Create convertible content across all channels
  • Monitor, improve, and adapt to social network algorithm updates
  • Provide reports, insights and unmatched customer service

What this does for you

  • Grows traffic to your website from social media
  • Grows sales, RFQ leads, brand awareness and overall brand engagement
  • Helps new users discover your company by promoting to new audiences
  • Boosts your website content across a far reaching, high ROI medium
  • Helps boost your Search Engine Optimization efforts with increased traffic
  • Keeps your business top-of-mind when a customer needs your product or service
  • Promotes your company across an enormous database of potential customers
  • Gives a great representation of your brand online
  • Builds a following of your exact target audience
  • Generates qualified leads from that social media following
  • Increases sales, and brand awareness using a multi-channel approach
  • Better know and serve potential customers using follower insights
  • Gives you leverage against your competition