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Butterfly Show

Butterfly Show

The Butterfly Show is an annual event hosted by Cincinnati’s Krohn Conservatory. Every year, Cincinnati Parks hosts a 3-month butterfly show where visitors can come and see hundreds of butterflies from over 80 different species in a forest-like environment.


The Butterfly Show’s old site was clunky and extremely different for users to navigate. In fact, the Butterfly Show did not previously have its own website. It was just a subpage on the Cincinnati Parks site. Cincinnati Parks wanted their new site to be clean, simple, and to reflect the theme of the show each year. They also wanted to be able to make changes to their website on their own without going through another company.


webFEAT Complete first built the Butterfly Show a brand new website, then trained them on how to use it! The site is mobile, responsive, and features a large parallax background on the homepage that tells users exactly what the theme of that year’s show is and what dates it occurs on.

Services Provided

  • Custom WordPress website design
  • Superior hosting
  • Annual design changes


  • Fully responsive design
  • Featured articles
  • Live Facebook feed during the event
  • Parallax backgrounds
  • Annual updates to reflect the show’s changing themes
Screenshot of BS' homepage with parallax background
The Butterfly Show homepage features a large parallax background that stays in place when the rest of the screen scrolls. (what effect does it have on the user?) Also, the dates and location of the show is displayed prominently, making it impossible to miss. This makes it as easy as possible for the user to get exactly the information they need, since they would not go to the Butterfly Show website unless they wanted information about the Butterfly Show.
Screenshot of BS' footer
At the bottom of each page of the Butterfly Show website, there is a “What’s New?” section where users can view the most recent Cincinnati Parks events. This connects the Butterfly Show with its host and invites them to explore more of what Cincinnati Parks has to offer. Also, each page features a sticky navigation bar that always stays at the top of the page, so users never forget that there is much of the site to explore.
Screenshot of BS' FAQs page
A FAQs page lets site visitors learn more about the Butterfly Show and butterflies in general. There is even advice on how to start your own butterfly garden at home! This lets users interact with the site and it helps to further the show’s message of conservation.

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