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Colonel De

Colonel De is Cincinnati’s leading provider of spices and herbs with an online store and three physical locations in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. They stock over 500 different herbs, spices, and blends, and they even sell internationally.


Colonel De’s old site was not eCommerce. In other words, they could not sell their spices online—the site was just an advertisement for their physical locations. They wanted customers to be able to purchase their spices online as well as in-store. Finally, they wanted their site to be easy to update.


We designed and coded Colonel De a brand new website. The site makes it easy for users to browse Colonel De’s catalog and order spices. It also makes it easy for Colonel De to process and ship the orders. The site has features such as a blog, a news section, search functionality, and is easily updated.

Services Provided

  • Custom eCommerce website development
  • Secure hosting
  • Payment integration
  • Shipping integration


  • High-quality imagery
  • Intuitive product management system
  • “Related products” functionality
  • Product reviews
  • Newsletter submission form
Screenshot of CD's inventory page
A simple, intuitive product page makes it easy for users to find the item they are looking for. There is a search function and multiple ways to sort products, making it as easy as possible for users to find what they need.
Screenshot of CD's specific product page
Each product has a page dedicated to explaining what it is, where it comes from, and what it is used for. There is also a section underneath these explanations listing related spices, so users can learn about spices they might have never heard of alongside the ones they are searching for.
Although the each product has its own information page, Colonel De takes things a step further in his Spice University segment. There, he explains everything he knows about his spices, from their country of origin to their entire history. This lets users learn more about the spices they use in their everyday lives, and it also builds trust with the users.

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