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The Dumes Falk Group

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The Dumes Falk Group is a Cincinnati brokerage team specializing in retail investment properties throughout the Midwest and South. It is one of the most accomplished brokerages in the region and has over $1,000,000,000 in volume.


The Dumes Falk Group was a giant of a retail investment company with a website that didn’t measure up. Their website was outdated, unresponsive, and cumbersome to use. Worst of all, their website made it difficult to view retail listings, which is one of the most important features of a retail investment website. Finally, the site’s “About Us” page was underpopulated and did not give users the chance to get to know the business. Dumes Falk wanted a site that looked good and made it easy for users to get the information they were looking for.


webFEAT Complete designed The Dumes Falk Group’s new website from scratch. We added an “Our Team” page to showcase the employees of Dumes Falk and to build trust with users. We also completely redid their login system. Before, users had to create an account and login just to obtain information about a property. This took a long time and made it difficult for users to get what they wanted from the website. We implemented an advanced user interface that allowed people to download a memorandum with property information after they completed a small form. Finally, we added interactive maps with custom location data for each listing.

Services Provided

  • Custom WordPress website design
  • Superior hosting


  • Advanced user interface allowing users to download a memorandum after registration
  • Galleries with complex property displays
  • Fully responsive design
  • Bio page with descriptions that pop up instead of loading in a new page
  • Custom map for each property listing
screen shot of Dumes Falk's employee bio page
An “Our Team” page with pop-up biographies lets users explore The Dumes Falk Group’s employees without navigating through a maze of pages. Everything stays on the same page with the same URL, which makes it easy for users to jump from one employee to the other without getting lost.
screenshot of Dumes Falk's listings page
A listings page shows new, featured, or completed listings, depending on what the user selects. All the listings display the price, square footage, and location of the property. If users want more information, they can click the listing and they get taken to a page with a map and more information.
screenshot of Dumes Falk's specific listing page
After clicking on a listing, users get sent to a containing more detailed property information. Here, users can interact with a map populated with the property’s location. They can also view more pictures of the property or fill out a form to get a custom memorandum about the property sent to them.

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