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Environmental Quality Management (EQM) is one of the largest providers of environmental consulting, engineering, remediation, consultation, and compliance services in the United States. They serve industrial, public, and government sectors and have been instrumental in keeping the environment safe after catastrophic events such as 9/11 and space shuttle failures.


EQM is a high-profile company that serves many industries. They wanted their website to showcase the massive amount of successful work had done. The difficulty with these types of websites, however, is that it is easy for them to become too large and overwhelming to navigate. Therefore, the navigation for the site needed to be both simple and comprehensive.


webFEAT set out to tell the story of EQM while keeping the site from overflowing with information. One way we did this was by utilizing imagery to represent each service area. These images replaced what would otherwise be lengthy paragraphs, and they also served to break up the page, making it easier to read. We also utilized two-tiered menus to organize information without making things too busy.

Services Provided

  • Custom WordPress website design
  • WordPress training
  • Superior hosting


  • Fully responsive design
  • High-quality imagery
  • Individual service pages
  • Two-tiered menu
Screenshot of the images on EQM's homepage
Instead of overly lengthy descriptions, EQM’s homepage features representative images with a short line of text underneath. This lets users easily and visually understand what industries EQM services.
Screenshot of EQM's two-tiered menu
EQM’s menu has a two-tier structure that organizes a large amount of information efficiently. Since EQM serves dozens of industries, they are broken up between commercial and federal so users can easily and quickly navigate to the relevant section.
Screenshot of EQM's automotive market page
Once a user clicks on a specific market’s page, they are taken to a unique page, such as the automotive market page, shown above. These pages display the specific areas that EQM specializes in and even lists several representative projects so potential customers can see examples of work EQM has done in the past.

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