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Kruzner Advisory Partners

Kruzner Advisory Partners, LLC is a strategic partner to Fortune 2000 organizations. KAP designs clarity and alignment in transformation to enhanced performance across enterprises using strategy and operating model design—transforming clients through reinvention, disruption and digital strategic initiatives, grounded by business outcomes, and followed by a well-defined, executable roadmap.


The main goal with Kruzner Advisory Partners was to get them a website. The came to us with no website whatsoever. Kruzner wanted a fresh looking website that could help guide and funnel users into finding what they were looking for. They also wanted a content driven website with well thought out content, graphs, and charts.


We decided to set up the homepage in a “funnel” system. A question is asked and you will be taken to a specific area of the website based on the answer you select. This allows the user to get directly to the area of the site that they need. We also implemented high quality imagery and bold fonts to keep the site users engaged and get Kruzner’s information locked into their minds. Another great feature is the video header on the homepage that helps keep users from leaving by showcasing a little flair.

Services Provided

  • Custom WordPress website design
  • Superior hosting
  • Content writing & strategy


  • High quality imagery
  • Responsive web design
  • Moving image slider on homepage
  • Easy to use “Request a Quote”
  • Individual services pages
  • Homepage “funnel” lead generation
The header features an engaging moving image (click through to their website to see it in action) that is a nicety that makes them look even more professional. The lightweight video loads quickly and doesn’t slow down the website’s loading speed.
To help engage the user and get them where they want to go an interactive “funnel” questionnaire sends users where they need to be based on their answers. It also sends them to the contact form and the questions are all answered “no”.
An area for case studies gives the users more content to read about and use at their leisure. Because there are a lot of these case studies we implemented a “lazy load” feature which only loads a few entries at a time. This is to help keep the website loading super fast.