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Noel’s Plumbing

Noel’s Plumbing Supply is a top supplier of plumbing parts based in Cincinnati. While the company prides itself on being able to help customers in-person at its Milford location, their greatest business opportunity is selling parts online. So, after several years, the company turned to us in order to modernize their eCommerce website, improve their online presence, and ultimately increase their online sales.


When it comes to eCommerce websites, there are a multitude of factors that determine conversions. First, the site needs to be fast and available. Second, items need to be conveniently laid out and easy to find. Finally, the payment system needs to be easy to use and secure. This, of course, is exactly what Noel’s Plumbing Supply needed on top of a website that was easy for their employees to manage.


We provided Noel’s Plumbing Supply with a modern eCommerce website that is easy to use, reliable, and—most of all—secure. The design not only provides an optimal frontend experience for users who want to browse featured items and product categories but it is also easy for the company to update with new products.

Services Provided

  • New eCommerce website
  • Superior hosting


  • High-quality imagery
  • Sort by manufacturer, name, or price
  • Product search functionality
  • Ability to make content changes
First and foremost, it was important for customers to be able to visualize products in their own home. In order to achieve this, the homepage of Noel’s Plumbing leverages high-quality visuals and minimal copy. Upon landing on the page, customers are able to view the company’s most popular products and click through to learn more.
It has been shown that when a eCommerce site is intuitive and easy to use, customers are not only more likely to make a purchase but are also likely to return. With this in mind, multiple elements were put in place in order to create the optimal shopping experience for customers. Every product includes both photos and text that make them immediately recognizable. Users can also reduce the amount of time it takes for them to find a product by shopping by category, manufacturer, or a search bar.
While user experience was our highest priority, it was also important to create a site that was easy for the team at Noel’s Plumbing Supply to use. The backend environment is set up to make updating product photos, descriptions, and prices easy. Payment processing and shipping calculation is also seamlessly integrated into the site. By reducing the amount of work the team has to handle, we freed Noel’s Plumbing Supply to focus on growing their business.

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