Concord Fire Protection Inc.

Concord Fire and Protection reached out to our team to help give their site a fresh new look. Their team is always adapting to new methods of fire protection, and they wanted their website to reflect that. We worked hard to provide them with a clean, innovative, and interactive website that beautifully displays their work and is enticing to both their current and potential clients. Check out some of their design elements below!

Services Provided

  • Website Design
  • Mobile/Responsiveness
Check out our website!



Design Highlights

The clean, strongly branded aesthetic of their website was a top priority. The goal was to communicate who they are, what they offer, and what their values are while maintaining that exciting, invigorating red of their logo. We added interactive, moving elements to the website to draw viewers in and keep them engaged with the website’s content.

Another necessity was to appropriately display some of their previous work and clients. We went with a full gallery of images, and the option to click on each individual image to enlarge it, while also having the option to click through to the next image. This allows viewers to get not only an overview of their work scope, but also to really dive in to each of their past projects.

As each page is loading, viewers are met with this loading screen to show them the progress of the page loading. It’s fun and interactive to be able to look at as you wait for the next page and adds a little bit of flair to the website’s animations.