Yelp Ads Management

Targeted Yelp ads for your specific industry

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Reach users who are ready to spend

Flexible, effective & targeted Yelp Ads campaigns

With Yelp Ads you are able to target, attract and close customers who are already looking to spend money on a product or service. When people visit Yelp they’re LOOKING to spend money — they just want to make sure their decision is backed up by peer reviews. Our job is to get you in front of those potential customers.

Contrary to popular opinion, Yelp Ads are extremely affordable. By working with us we are able to finely target, optimize and set ad spend / schedule to maximize your ROI. This also bypasses the need to work with a Yelp account representative who may or may not be responsive. By working with us you can cut out the middleman and see results faster.

Our advertising experience has supplied us with a wealth of knowledge and historical date that allows us to minimize startup time and maximize results early on. No matter the industry, we are able to target YOUR ideal customers and grow your digital sales by having the customers come to you!

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Yelp by The Numbers

  • With 184 million reviews worldwide, Yelp helps millions of consumers see which businesses are available in their area and how each one has performed for their clients
  • is the 44th most visited website in the US according to Alexa
  • Yelp boasts an average of 92 million unique mobile users per month
  • Yelp has more than 178 million unique visitors monthly across mobile, desktop and app platforms
  • Up to 9% increase in revenue for every new star earned on Yelp
  • 45% of customers are likely to check Yelp reviews before visiting a business
  • 35% of people searching on Yelp will make a visit to the site they check within 24 hours

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What we do

  • Claim and optimize Yelp Business Profile
  • Research and target your ideal audience
  • Develop and launch ad creatives
  • Set and optimize budgets
  • Set and optimize geography
  • Track and analyze ad performance
  • Development of monthly reports
  • Constant monitoring and adjustments of Ads
  • Optional Add-On: Review outreach and generation

Our Approach

  • Perform profile/website health and optimizations
  • Develop Yelp advertising strategy based on your goals
  • Focus on: Sales, Engagement, Band Awareness, Clicks, etc.
  • Industry-specific, Lookalike and Geographic ad targeting
  • Installation of tracking across website
  • Setting up custom conversions, tracking, and audiences
  • Company, industry and audience research
  • Target exact audiences and demographics and areas based on our research and your ideal customer
  • Initial startup of small, low budget campaigns with gradual build up
  • A/B testing on all Ad Sets and Campaigns
  • Continued research and modifications to improve overall ROI
  • Continual creation of new, convertible ads
  • Monitor, improve, and adapt to Yelp’s updates
  • Provide reports, insights and unmatched customer service

What this does for you

  • Gives you priority placement atop Yelp Search results, above all other businesses
  • Gives you priority ad placement on competitor’s Yelp pages
  • Increases your reach to potential customers by 3x
  • Only pay when user clicks on your ad
  • Optimizes the goal you want to seek: calls, website visits, directions, etc
  • Weeds out irrelevant users due to search intent which saves you advertising money
  • High ROI with budget as low as $5/day
  • Increases brand awareness
  • Increases positive reviews on your Yelp page
  • Grows sales, RFQ leads, brand awareness and overall brand engagement